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O hai

I'm a telecommunications engineer cursed with an eye for design, an ear for music, a thirst for knowledge, and a way with words.
This is my official landing page. This is my canvas. This is an archive of things that were, with a view on things to come.


This is where I showcase my projects, host my galleries, recollect the past, predict the future, archive old stuff, and vent my thoughts.


During a regular day or night you're bound to find me either at work, on the road, and usually on any of a host of online services.


Although I've been online for some 30 years, this site was only created in September 2009. It's always under construction.

hmvh the philosopher  hmvh the snapshot photographer  hmvh the amateur photographer  hmvh the trainspotter  hmvh the DJ  hmvh the listener  hmvh the anti-librarian  hmvh the videographer  hmvh the archivist  hmvh the employee